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Bring Science to Your Summer
at Capitol City STEM!


Our Commitment

Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

At Capitol City STEM, we are committed to giving each camper a proper STEM experience. The camp is small so I will be able to work with the kids individually to make sure they understand what they are doing and have fun learning science!


Programs for Students in grades 1st to 8th!

Spend the Summer with Science!


STEM Foucsed Programs

Explore Science All Day Long


Individual Focused Programs

Small Class Size for a more Personal Science Experience

Summer STEM Programs

Pick your Science Passion!


Robotics & Coding

The robotics program at Capitol City STEM is deep! Learn mechanical engineering, coding, robot programming, and design!

We use all types of robots including the Sphero SPRK+, VEX Robotics, FIRST Robotics EV3, LEGO Boost, and more! We code and program robots in Scratch, Blockley, VEXcode, and EV3 Programming. We even create video games with Bloxels! Experienced campers will take a crack at the latest VEX and FIRST Robotics competition field play!

Chemistry & Natural Science

Learn the Fundamentals of Chemistry at Capitol City STEM beginning with the atom! 

In this program we will explore elements with the periodic table, create molecules with molecular sets, and have fun creating safe chemical reactions like color changing liquid, the sublimation of dry ice, and even fire up elephant's toothpaste! We will also create slime with a twist: think Fe2O3 with a Neodymium magnet! New this summer, we will use our knowledge of the elements and explore astrophysics! 


Physics & Circuits

Understand electricity, circuitry, 3D Printing and Microcomputers at the Capitol City STEM Physics & Electronics Program!

Students will explore electricity starting with the electron! We will create our own circuits and learn about transistors, resistors, and capacitors using Snap Circuits and Smart Circuits. Campers will learn to solder and create their own circuits like a working FM radio that they get to keep! Experienced campers will learn how to use microcomputers with projects and inventions using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Campers get to keep their single-board micropro


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