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More Details about our Summer and School Break Programs


  • Camps will be all week long, Monday to Friday

  • Camps will be virtual and operated through Zoom

  • No Parental supervisor necessary during camp time

  • Camps will be split into 2 groups: Elementary (G1) and Middle School (G2)

  • Campers will participate in two different programs. One in the morning and afternoon.

  • Times for G1 will be 10am to 11:15 am & 2 pm to 3:15 pm

  • Times for G2 will be 11:30 am to 12:45 pm & 3:30 to 4:15

  • Campers will be able to continue their activities throughout the day and beyond the week

  • The morning session will focus on STEM and the afternoon a fun STEAM program! 

  • Costs for each camper per week will be 325

  • Camps will have only 8 students in order to deliver a quality program

  • Camper's kits will be delivered to their house (safe and sanitized) prior to the camp

  • Technology will be provided if a family does not have the appropriate devices

  • Campers will keep most of the provided kits to continue their STEM pursuits!

  • All programs are subject to change due to availability. I have alternate STEM/STEAM curriculum prepared for program adaptation



  • ALL Camps cost $425 for the weekly sessions unless stated in the registration process. Please bring a check on the day you arrive. If you no longer use checks, you can pay electronically via PayPal.

  • We will have programs for kids grades 1st to 7th! The campers will work on their own separate projects based on their age.  

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

  • Camp will be held at our House: 2846 Belair Pl NE, 20018.

  • We are licensed and insured.

  • Program capacity is limited to only 10 campers. Sign up Now!

  • Camp begins at 9 and ends at 5. I will take the kids as early as 830 and keep them as late as 530 to give parents time after work for pickup. THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR EXTENDED DAYS. Contact me if there are travel complications, I will be accommodating. 

  • Campers will usually be able to bring their creations home to keep and show off!

  • Campers are hungry – ALWAYS HUNGRY! We have a lot of physical and mental activities. We build, play and run. We will have 60 minutes of play in the park and the pool if weather permit! Please pack a hefty lunch and some hearty snacks. If you want to bring a snack to keep there for the week, please do!

  • Every morning starting at 9am, we have silent reading for 30 minutes. I have a nice collection of books but feel free to pack a few of you kid's favorites just in case. At around 5pm, there will be "free time." Campers love this time and are free to play until they are picked up. They usually play games together. I do not promote screen abstinence, but if you do, I can definitely find other things for them to do! Please contact me.

  • Physical contact or harmful words are prohibited. I may have to contact you if harmful behavior persists.

  • For pictures of the camp, follow CCS on Twitter link at the bottom of this page.




I liked the variety in activities and the warm environment. My child said he felt like he was part of Mike's family.


The camp was amazing! The kids were never bored and learned valuable information daily.


My daughter was happy and engaged. She enjoyed the hands-on projects and the size of the group.


I liked that my daughter loved the camp. She had little experience with robotics and I wasn’t sure this was a good fit for her. I was so wrong. Everyday she talked enthusiastically about what she learned and what she planned to accomplish the next day.



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